Women’s Leather Jackets

Latest Trends in Women’s Leather Jackets

It is not a new phenomenon that trends keep evolving, however, there are a few trends that remain forever stylish. Flaunting a leather jacket is definitely one of these fashion trends that remains the same. Certain designs and types of both women and men leather jackets remain popular at any given time, but innovations in those styles are a subject to change. For instance there has been numerous variations in biker jackets over the period of time. Having said that, in general, leather jackets have always been popular and continue to stay in trend. Today, the range is available in a wide variety so that regardless of your style, there is a leather jacket that will be a part of your closet.

Those times have surpassed women and girls were adored only in dresses and skirts. Women leather jackets are proving to be a trend now and then. The evolution of the manufacturing process and the variety of colors now offered in the market proves to be appealing for the girls. Apart from the usual black and brown leather jackets, women’s leather jackets are also available in a variety of colors such as red, blue, olive, cream and others. The type of hide, that the leather is made out of, determines the texture of the leather jacket.

In our opinion, the following are the latest trends that are here to stay!

Classic moto jacket:

Moto – as from the title itself is derived from the work motorcycle. This classic trend has been doing rounds since the time it was launched by Schott NYC in 1928. The first of its kind developed for Harley-Davidson featuring a front asymmetric zipper that replaced buttons. The substantial characteristics added to it has continued to keep it in trends from 1950s – where it was featured by Marlon Brando or by Punk rock bands of the 1970s to the chocolate heroes of the 1990s such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt, This glamorous jacket is never going out of fashion. Check out the latest variety of moto jacket at Wearostrich.

Cropped jacket:

Cropped jacket an elegant and stylish style of the mundane cut and is compliments slim and tall women. The length of these are short that enhances and defines waits line. The detailing in these could range from military details like the shoulder strap and side fasteners to chunky hardware with a hint of the traditional moto style.

Belted or Robe tie jacket:

Belted Leather jackets have a hemline of medium length that offers more protection in the cold. Though this style trend is inspired from the 1980s where oversized jackets were a norm, but the highlight of this type lies in its belt. The innovation has been made in the form of multiple layers underneath to provide protections against cold. Some of them feature large pockets is ideal for a composite style.

Shearling jacket:

Shearling jackets are ideal for winter. It not only conveys eternal grace, but also a practical choice to maintain warmth. Their history dates back to the popular aviator style of the 1930s. And while it continued to remain relevant over the decades, it has been innovated with the trend-driven detail. It usually has knitted fuzzy collars and cuffs with either cropped or hip length.

Besides these, there are plenty of jackets that are trendy this season such as collarless leather jackets, Blazer leather jackets, puffer or voluminous jackets, utility jackets and down jackets to a name of a few. It ultimately comes down to personal choice.

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