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Why Leather Jackets are Preferred Over other Types of Jackets

Since their inception in to the fashion market, leather jackets have remained popular. Although some people may debate that a leather jacket cannot be worn with any outfit unlike an overcoat, but there is a part of population that will still prefer leather jackets over anything else. For example, a biker’s first choice will always be a leather jacket. Of course, it caters to a whole different preference market but despite the advent new types of textile jackets or coats, there are a lot of people that will buy a leather jacket over anything else. Now to understand why leather jackets are preferred over other types of jackets, let’s scroll through the possible reasons:

Style & versatility

The first and the foremost aspect that catches attention of person is the style quotient of any type of leather jacket. Any leather jacket has a unique style to its attitude be it a leather bomber jacket, a biker jackets or any field jacket. You may notice a certain textile jacket trending this year but it fades away next year, such is not the case with leather jackets. Their classic style is what makes them ever popular. Imagine them being around for a century and still being maintain its demand in the market. Hence people who want to invest in a style that does not fade away the next year, leather jacket is the right choice. Although, in initial years of its introduction, they were gender specific but not anymore. Women’s leather jacket are available in the same style and designs as that of men.

Durability & protection

It is easy to comprehend why Roman soldiers had leather on their armour, it is because leather not only provided protection against wind and rain but it was durable as well. Textile or any other types of jackets are not as durable as leather jackets. For people who live in extremely cold countries, leather jackets is a good investment. Since leather material is not weaved in, instead the composition of its fabric is compassed in a sturdy manner. Due to the material of leather, it does not fall apart unlike textile jackets.


Not many people are aware of this fact that genuine leather jackets are hypoallergenic, we repeat, genuine leather jackets only! Sometimes people experience redness around the skin, itchiness or other types of allergic reactions that occur when a new textile jacket may be worn. This is due to the body’s reaction to guard against a foreign body when it contacts layer of our skin. Since genuine leather jackets, just like other non-allergic materials, are hypoallergenic, you can wear it every day without having an irritated skin.

Leather scent

The scent of genuine leather is another reason why it leather jackets are popular. Its aroma is not extremely intense or unpleasant. The scent is characterised as a woody spicy fragrance. However, this can only be experienced in genuine leather jackets. All types, girls or boys leather jacket, will have the unique scent.

Faux leather jackets will not have the same aroma, instead their aroma is more towards chemical in nature. Furthermore, at few instances, people identified the scent smelling more fish like. It may be due to the reason that certain manufacturers process their leather in fish oil that leaves its imprint in the scent. A genuine leather jacket that is processed in a finest way only will have the essence of a real leather scent.

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