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5 Things I wish I knew before Buying a Lather Bomber Jacket

We all have heard at some point in our life of enticement of impulsive shopping. This isn’t new and is often regarded as retail therapy where a person tends to shop out of an impulse for temperament improvement. In one of the dacgroup blogs Tran, W (2019) has stated impulse buying statistics. Around 88.86% of the people in the USA have done impulsive shopping.

The reason that we have mentioned statistics is because we do not want our readers to buy a costly luxurious leather bomber jacket and later end up regretting the purchase. Though there are a lot of aspects to consider prior to purchase but in this article we are going to briefly discuss 5 of these.

Know your leather type!

Whether you are looking for a man or a women’s leather jacket, you must always know the basic types of genuine leather and the difference between them. Usually cowhide is presumed to be the only type of leather that is utilized for the manufacture of jackets, however, it is not true.

There are numerous type of genuine leather that all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but we will mention 4 other types besides cowhide. The other 4 common types are sheepskin, goatskin, pigskin and deerskin. While cowhide is more durable and dense, goatskin is comparatively supple and thing. Sheepskin is also soft and used in leather bomber jackets, while deerskin is more malleable. Similarly pigskin is also durable and dense but it gets more rigid.

So if you are aiming for quality, know your leather before spending all that money.

 Go for YKK zipper!

Imagine a sudden gust to cold breeze strike you and you want to zip up your jacket but the zipper gets stuck! After spending a fortune on you perfect jacket, this situation will not please you. To avoid that we suggest opting for a bomber jacket with YKK zipper. Zipper are amongst the first things that become a victim to the wear and tear. These Japanese made zippers are an ode to luxury.

Go for one size larger!

We would like to share our observation that certain bomber jackets are sized on their outer shell sizes and not the inner lining. Though some manufacturers do realise the under sizing issue and re-label, however, we recommend buying one size bigger to avoid running short.

Search online!

The reason we recommended searching your jacket, regardless if it’s a boys leather jacket or a girl’s, is because it not only saves your effort but it saves your time also. Imagine having to walk down a road full of leather shops and as you go through each and every shop, you don’t find what you are looking for! Not only you will be tired of that long stroll but you end up wasting a lot of time.

Not every shop will have varieties or deals on bomber jackets, hence it is best to do a detailed search online.

Avoid leather protection sprays!

They say the best is kept for the last and this is the best advice we can share for anyone who is planning on buying a bomber jacket. Leather sprays and polishes are usually made for either small patches of leather or for footwear. Since your leather bomber jackets are soaked in protective solution during the manufacturing process, using sprays or polishes on you jacket may leave them with stained patches.

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