Leather Bomber Jacket

Benefits of Buying a Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets have been in the commercial market since the 1920s. Prior to that, they were worn by military soldiers and the idea behind was to secure them for the cold. However, as the years went by, different types of leather jackets in various styles gradually got popular. Leather types are generally divided into five types. A leather jacket can be made from full grain leather, top grain, split grain, bicast and bonded leather. Similarly, there are various styles as well. If we talk about shortlisting 5 styles, the segments would be biker jackets, aviator jackets, racing jackets, blazer jacket and trucker jacket. In this article we will be focussing on only type of style that is leather bomber jacket which in other words is also known as flight jacket or aviator jacket.

Enhanced Protection Against Cold

Whenever we discuss about the benefits of buying, specifically, a leather bomber jacket, the first thing that crosses the mind is its enhanced protection. Since this is related to a particular style, which in this case is the standing collar type i.e. MA-1. The benefit of owning a flight jacket with a flipped collar is that it provides guard against wind and rain.

With the recent variations in the style, the changes in the material of the collar offers additional benefits. For instance a nylon collar is water resistant while leather collar would provide the same feature.

Earlier, it was assumed that flight jackets are limited to men but such is not the case anymore. There are numerous varieties of women’s leather jackets featuring the flight style are available.

Braided Elastic

Although braided elastic in the cuffs and waist can be seen in every other leather jacket but this particular feature was incepted for bomber jackets specifically. There are two advantages of having ribbed elastic incorporation, the first being the grip that prevents wear and tear around cuff or waist. Since it provides a stretch element, the cuffs do not roll around the edges or the waist does not wrinkle. The second advantaged is that since the elastic clutches onto skin, it acts as an insulating agent and provide further benefit against cold wind.


We all are aware of the fact that genuine leather jackets are known for their durability. However, bomber style jackets are designed in a way that adds to their robustness. As mentioned above, the ribbed elastic feature in is design aids in keeping the leather intact. The hold provided by the elastic prevents the jacket from getting saggy and slump with age.


If you buy a thousand dollar jacket, you expect to be comfortable on wearing it. A boys leather jacket, not providing comfort will be as regretful purchase as when you buy an uncomfortable leather jacket for girls. Not all leather jackets are as comfortable as bomber jackets. It is because a quality bomber jacket has a supple lining which is loose around the waist, arms and sweaty areas like the under arms as well. It provides ease in the movements while you are on the go.

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