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Why you should have Original Leather Jackets

There are many types of biker Original leather jackets with unique designs available in both online and brick stores. Though it could get a little tricky to buy one because you simply are not sure which is more trendy of which suits you the most. At the end of the day, it jots down to personal inclination and sense of style. However, it must be noted that not all type of motorcycle jackets, be it men or women leather jackets, are as equally popular.

There could be some types that are popular due to their design. The riders that follow the latest style trends will absolutely select the recent design version. They may not focus on any other thing such as safety. Their aim is to look good while endorsing the latest trend.

While some riders prefer style to safety, others may not. They understand bike racing could potentially be a high risk activity that could lead to life threatening injuries or worst case scenario – even death. Therefore, they desire a jacket that may allow the maximum safety, if they meet an accident. Such type of leather jackets probably have padding for added safety.

If you are a person looking to buy a woman or men leather jackets, you must be aware of the type of biker jackets out there in the market. Here’s a few briefly mentioned below:


These are preclusive and traditional type of biker Leather Jackets . Usually produced in leather, it defines elegant style with comfort. Being an oversized style, it hardly attributes any padding, but the latest ones do feature additional padding with improved ventilation.


These offer the most durability they are produced by utilizing higher abrasion resistant materials to encounter high speed accidents. Cowhide, the thickest leather is used in the production that provides the highest abrasion resistance. They feature faux extend panels for better maneuver and padding for safety, speed humps for reducing neck exhaustion and are highly fitted.


These often contain internal padding together with considerable venting as well as an insulated lining to deal with varying temperature and a strong outer layer. The main idea behind it is to offer enhanced. A tall collar with a fitted design will provide protection in case of any road offs, scratches or any other injury due to rough and patchy trails that are generally a part of adventure sports.


These types could be altered based on the requirement or the type of weather it may be worn in. For instance, mesh jackets are good to go during the summer months, while waterproof ones are ideal for the rainy season. Similarly, it may be altered with additional insulation to be worn during colder weather like the ones offered on wearostrich. They are equipped with additional pockets for better storage.


Commuting Original Leather Jackets are meant to protect people and their clothes as they commute to their offices. These are often loose fitted jackets as their purpose is to avert crumping up the garments. Commuting jackets are ideally lighter and not necessarily portray an image of an intense biker. An advantage that this type of jacket has over the others is its price point. Generally, they are available at much affordable prices in comparison to its counterparts.

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