Leather Bomber Jacket

How to Clean Leather Bomber Jacket

Now that you have purchased you desired leather Bomber jacket, what is the next step? The next step is to understand that cleaning and maintaining a leather jacket does require a little effort. Additionally, it is important to note that both the aspects are equally important i.e. maintenance and cleaning. The reason caring for you jacket is important is to ensure longevity and appearance of it. Besides this, appropriate care will maintain the suppleness of your jacket. To understand this, let us take an example of our own skin, if we do not care for our skin by avoiding the use of moisturisers and essential skincare, our skin will not only age faster but various other skin issues may arise over time. Similar is the case with leather jackets, especially the genuine ones. Since they are made from natural materials such as cowhide, deerskin, and sheepskin etc., caring for the maintenance of your jacket becomes essential.

Understand your Leather

The first and foremost aspect prior to start cleaning you leather jacket is to understand the type of leather you own. Once you are aware of the type of your leather material, you can choose the right cleaning product accordingly. Some people may wonder why we need to do that. The simplest answer is you don’t use the same shampoo or skincare as all your family members, isn’t it? As no two skin or hair type can be the same, similarly no two leathers can be cleaned the same way. Usually, untreated leather does not have a layer of protective coating, while treated leathers are coated with protection. We suggest you to use the trick to identify it, if you notice the leather is naturally soft; it means it is untreated. Treated leather often resembles similarities to a plastic. However, cleaning becomes easy for treated leather.

Wipe off that Dust

Once you have understood your leather type, next step is to dust any residue off from your leather. This procedure applies to all jackets, be it men’s or women’s leather jacket. However, always use a brush with softer bristles or a cloth. The entire surface of your jacket must be dusted off thoroughly in circular movements. Usually people ignore this step and end up with stains and regret later.

Using the right Cleaning Agent

Now that the dust is off that good looking leather bomber jacket, it’s time to use the right cleaning solution. Some people suggest using basic mild soap water, detergent, toothpaste or even nail polish remover, though it may be good for removing smaller stains but we always recommend using dedicated leather cleaning agents. We always advice on reading the instructional leaflet to ensure you bought the right product. For instance, saddle soap is good to clean leather shoes but for vintage leather, methylated spirits are good to go!

Using a Conditioner

The use of a conditioner is essential after the cleaning process as it helps in maintaining the softness of your jacket. Always make sure to purchase a good quality conditioner that will help with the durability. In addition to this, a conditioner can be utilized during rainy and winter season to avoid any damage caused by the rain droplets or even snow. It is always recommended to do a patch test as well on the inside. The reason we recommend doing patch test on the inside is because if cloth absorbs the color and gets stained, it implies that the conditioner shall not be used on that particular leather type. This again applies to jackets for everyone; albeit girls or boys leather bomber jackets.

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