Goose Down Jackets

Why you should have Original Goose Down Jackets

Before proceeding any further, one might wonder what exactly a goose down jacket is. The simplest answer is that any jacket filled with a fur is called a down jacket. If a jacket is precisely filled with goose feather, it is then referred to as a goose down jackets. However, a jacket could be made from any material ranging from polyester to leather. In addition to this, jackets can also be filled with soft duck fur as well.

History of Goose Down Jackets:

Down jackets can be traced back to the use by Chinese dynasties. Traditionally, people in Tang dynasty utilized goose down for various purposes. Since then, it has been used in different forms such as a goose-feather fan and jackets. Goose down jackets, in particularly 1908s, became trendy. However, the outer layer of these jackets and the procedure of manufacturing was not technologically advanced. Infact the appearance of some of these were extremely unalluring. With the passage of time, goose down jackets became a part of the fashion industry and, in fact, an important part of the leather jacket industry.

Why buy an original Goose Down Jacket?

Why buy a goose down jacket when you have so many other options? We get this question a lot! It’s fundamentally used in places where there is extreme cold. Countries or place where there is extreme cold require additional layer of protection. Of course, you can’t cover yourself up with 100 layers of coats, the easiest solution to this is a goose down jacket. It is basically a jacket insulated with feathers that trap the heat and cut off cold.

Since it is obvious that feathers play an important role in providing insulation for heat retention within the jacket, the quality of the feather is an important aspect. Generally, the quality is evaluated by a jacket’s fill power. Fill power is a measuring criteria based on what type of feathers are used and how were they filled. For a good quality jacket, the fill power has to be at least 750 or higher. An original goose down jacket has enough fill power to provide insulation for extreme cold weather. On the contrary, if a jacket does not have high fill power, then it will not be able to provide good insulation.

Besides this, the fabric used plays an important role as well. If a higher fill power down is installed in a jacket with mediocre material, it may not be able to protect feathers and moisture may get trapped in down. This in turn may affect the durability of the jacket and the material might deteriorate rapidly. For higher durability, leather material could be used as the shell of the jacket.

 Since the feathers are light-weight, it is always a good idea to get a goose down jacket rather than wearing layers. There are numerous retailers that sell goose down jackets, but we suggest getting quality goose down for both men and women leather jackets for added protection. Since leather and goose down is a good combination, a lot of men leather jackets are insulated with goose down as well.

Though several online shopping websites offer these, but we recommend using Wearostrich as they can customize any type of jackets such as bomber jackets, biker jackets and goose down jackets as well.

Why you should have Original Leather Jackets

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