Top 5 Goosedown Leather Jackets for Men on WearOstrich

Winter is Coming…we kept hearing that on our screens for last many years. Well it is upon us now. No matter how deep we snug ourselves in our quilts, it feels like we are standing on the wall / a huge icy structure. May God bless the person who created the idea of goose down jackets. These jackets are a life saver in most severe of the winters. It is like when mother nature is showing its wrath, we use an element of mother nature itself to seek comfort. i.e. Goose feathers.

So that’s good, we have goose feathers as the savior in this cold wave, but how does it become so useful from being a bunch of plucked feathers? Well, that is where this cool new technique of down jackets come in handy. Down jackets are made by creating an insulation between the outer and inner layer. This insulation locks the body heat within the jacket and keeps the outer cold out of the jacket. If worn for a little while it gets pretty warm inside a down jacket. Premium quality down jackets come with goose (or duck) feathers which makes the insulation layer much better. Goose down jackets are famous around the world to be worn in extreme temperatures. Best part is that these goose down jackets look very cool apart from being very useful.

WearOstrich has brought a whole new level category in goosedown jackets, that is, leather goose down jackets. Haa! You did not see that coming, did you? Leather jacket with its inherent weather proofing combined with goose down technique, makes it a really effective customized jacket.  It gives you ultra heat locking and protection from extreme cold and it looks different from what every other person is wearing. You might be thinking, ohh wow, this must be really heavy. Well, that is the best part, it weighs just the same as any other leather jacket. Goose feather is almost weightless.

So do you want to stay comfortably warm and look cool at the same time? Let us help you with our pick of top 5 leather goose down jackets on wearostrich.

Premium Goose Bomber Jacket:

This jacket is made with premium lamb skin leather and inner lining is made of 100% durable viscose. Yes, the same viscose that is used to make thermal warmers / inner wear. It comes with a detachable fox collar trim and stud fastened chin guard. Outer pockets are angled for style and comfort and yes of course, these pockets will keep your hands warm.

Premium Goose Bomber Leather Jacket:

This jacket has about the same cool features, like made with premium lamb skin leather, inner lining is made of 100% durable viscose, comes with fox collar trim and stud-fastened chin-guard. This one is extra cool looking with black clolor.

Men’s Winter Feather Jacket – Pink, Grey & White:

You like wearing colors, sure, why not? WearOstrich has got you covered with feather jacket that comes in pink, grey and white colors. This jacket is made with sheep skin leather and inner lining is made of viscose. It has shirt style collar with a detachable fox trim on it.

Premium Goose Leather V Bomber Jacket with Hood:

This jacket is made with premium lamb skin leather and inner lining is made with high quality viscose. This jacket comes with a hood / cap with furry border.

Men’s Bomber Jacket – Blue & White:

This jacket is made with high quality sheepskin leather and inner lining is made of durable viscose. Color combination with two shades of blue and white in the middle looks really cool.

Popular Types of Leather Jackets for Men

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